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12 JANUARY 2016

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01 JANUARY 2016

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01 JANUARY 2016

E-Lens Africa is a learning platform

For skills development in Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths & Entrepreneurship (STEME).

Summer Camps

Our skill building summer camps inculcate in young people a passion for STEM education as an instrument for their personal and national development. Students develop an ability to problem solve and innovate through hands-on application of STEME. The summer camps will also sharpen 21st century skills such as creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, and communication.



We offer personalised tutoring for students that have specific needs and gaps to fill. Our hands-on approach breaks down concepts difficult to master and significantly improves students’ performance. Tutoring options are available in a variety of formats ranging from after-school programs to Saturday school.


We aim to support the growth and development of high quality schools benchmarked to international education standards. We conduct an assessment of the needs of your school and work with your school management team to adapt an integrated approach focused on the core areas of: curriculum development, teaching and learning, student assessment, quality assessment, and extra-curricular activities.


01 JANUARY 2016

Summer camps

Offering great opportunities in 2017

Students will be immersed in practical application and exploration of science, learning key concepts through the use of science kits, practical experiments and building projects, using the scientific method as the primary method of investigation. The science summer camps will develop skills of critical thinking and problem solving, and ultimately shift students’ mind-sets and approach to STEM, building the foundation for careers relevant to the needs of their country and the 21st century. Learning Objectives It is anticipated that by the end of the science camps, students will be able to:

  • Ask testable questions
  • Use the scientific method to solve a problem in the environment
  • Use the engineering method to solve a problem in the environment
  • Collaborate with others in problem-solving
  • Communicate findings in a simple but clear way.
  • Apply their knowledge in new situations

This camp is focused on kick starting students to acquire the knowledge, skill and attitudes to thrive in 21st century careers. This is a fun, action-packed and exhilarating skill- building camp using educational games, leadership and entrepreneurial activities to nurture creativity, innovation, team building, communication, presentation and business skills. Students will learn how to take an idea from concept to design to market; how to speak persuasively to a target audience; how to develop a winning strategy, amongst others. The overall learning objective is to enable students become forward-thinking, proactive and business savvy to enable them take advantage of technological advances and growing markets in a fast changing world. Students will learn how to build tomorrow, today.

01 JANUARY 2016

E-Lens Africa is a learning platform

For skills development in Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths & Entrepreneurship (STEME).

E-Lens Africa is an experiential learning platform for skills development in Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths & Entrepreneurship (STEME).

We aim to inspire and equip tomorrow’s workforce with the skills and mind-set needed for future careers, challenges and opportunities. We are propelled to action by the critical need for teaching STEME skills to the young generation that will shape Africa’s future.

We want youth to be excited about learning STEME. We want youth to explore the practical applications of STEME through project based learning. We want youth to imagine the future and build it.


Grace Hanson

Founder & Managing Partner

Grace is a biochemist and chemist by training and an experienced educationist with 35 years in the field teaching biology, chemistry, physics and general science. She has taught students at all levels from primary to secondary in several schools in different countries including Ghana, Nigeria and the Bahamas. 


A fomer Head of Science, Junior School at the Ghana International School (GIS), she championed -for over a decade- the organization of science fairs in the school beginning from the junior school and culminating in the whole school biennial Science, Maths & Information Technology (SMIT) Fair. 


Grace has an MA degree in International Education from the University of Bath, UK and a diploma in Management and Leadership from the Chartered Management Institute of the United Kingdom. She obtained her BSc (Hons) degree in BioChemistry from the University of Ghana, Legon and a post graduate diploma in education from the University of Cape Coast . She has a passion for teaching children the relevance of STEME in every day life and its use in solving problems. 


Dinah’s inspiration for E-Lens Africa stems from her passion for Africa, entrepreneurship and business development. Her decade of experience in the development sector has enabled her see from the bottom up, the tangible difference skills development and empowerment makes to creating sustainable livelihoods.

Prior to establishing E-Lens Africa, Dinah led a Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation funded Agribusiness Management Project at the Association of African Business Schools in Johannesburg, South Africa. Dinah began her career at TechnoServe Ghana where she coordinated Believe Begin Become, TechnoServe and’s Business Plan Competition and Entrepreneurship Development Programme. Following TechnoServe, Dinah joined the African Leadership Academy in Johannesburg, South Africa. As an inaugural faculty member, Dinah played a pivotal role in the establishment of the Entrepreneurship Department, where she founded the Student-Run Business Programme, enabling the set-up of thriving student-led enterprises on campus.

Dinah is a member of the inaugural class of the London School of Economics Programme for African Leadership, holds an MBA (Entrepreneurship) from the University of Pretoria, South Africa where she was a DANIDA Emerging Leaders Scholar, and a first class honours B.A. degree in Political Science & Psychology from the University of Ghana

Dinah Hanson